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Why become a partner?

Because with the help of our IoT platform:
  • Develop new business models
  • Stand out from the competition and
  • Be able to achieve stable sales
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Wer sind unsere Partner?

Unsere Partner sind Unternehmen und Selbstständige, die Dienstleistungen im Umfeld von Immobilien und Anlagen erbringen.

Unser Angebot richtet sich an Ingenieur- und Architekturbüros, Unternehmensberatungen, IT Unternehmen, Projektsteuerer, Immobilienbetreiber und Makler.

Unser Angebot richtet sich auch an Menschen, die den Weg in die Selbstständigkeit suchen.

Jeder unserer Partner ist besonders

Unsere Partner sind digitale Enthusiasten, Menschen und Unternehmen die Freude an Veränderungen und der Digitalisierung von Prozessen haben.

Viele unserer Partner sind Einzelkämpfer. Viele von Ihnen haben mit AIRdBASE den Sprung in die Selbstständigkeit geschafft.

Who are our partners?

Our partners are digital enthusiasts from all industries.
  • Are you interested in stable and long-term turnover?
  • Are you interested in new business models?
  • You know the problems of your industry?
  • Are you enthusiastic about digital solutions?
  • You have ideas and want to implement them?
Then you should become our partner
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Over 100 partners trust in AIRdBASE

Contact us and arrange a meeting. We will explain to you the many possible applications of AIRdBASE and our partner conditions.
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Adam Neubauer
Product manager
"Most of the functions are intuitively understandable. If you get stuck, the manual is a great help. The support from AIRdBASE is 1A. The training courses are also great.
Samira Robin
Asset manager
"Super simple and clear. I specialise in hospital inventories. Just a few days and the platform is up and everything inventoried. My clients are thrilled."
Roland Malm
Civil engineer
Initially, I only offered AIRdBASE to my customers as a digital solution on the side. Now I make 80% of my turnover through AIRdBASE sales."
Sabine Rudow
Real estate consultant
"The real estate industry is still lagging behind in digitalisation. AIRdBASE has given us the opportunity to use this as a chance. It's the best thing you can find on the market right now."

Become our partner and part of a great community

We offer you

  • An exciting product that requires no investment
  • A path to stable turnover
  • A permanent further development and improvement of our product
  • Training and technical support
  • Access to our international network

You offer your customers

  • Digital solutions covering the entire life cycle of real estate, plant and machinery
  • The implementation and support of these solutions
  • Consulting and training
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Make an appointment with us

We will guide you through the product and its many uses.
Benedikt Deda
Civil engineer
"The cooperation with the AIRdBASE team is great. After only a short time, I got on with the product and found my first customer.