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Revolutionize your Customer Service and Maintenance with Smart IDs

Equip your products and assets with Smart IDs.

Digitalize your service hotlines and maintenance processes.

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Smart ID

Equip your products and assets with Smart IDs. Quickly and easily access master data, documentation, and a messaging feature by simply scanning the QR code.

Master data
Messaging feature
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Customer Service

By scanning the Smart ID’s QR code, your customers gain instant and effortless access to essential information such as product data, drawings, specifications, and manuals for:
  • any type of equipment, cars, and
  • real estate.
Your customers utilize the Smart ID's messaging feature to send:
  • call-back requests, and
  • service requests.
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By scanning the Smart ID’s QR code, your employees instantly and effortlessly access crucial information such as asset data, drawings, specifications, and manuals, relevant to the maintenance of any property, plant, and equipment.

Your employees utilize the Smart ID's messaging feature to send and report:
  • inspection results,
  • service requests, and
  • safety issues.
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Streamline your operations

Enhance defect handling efficiency and minimize rework on construction sites.

Scan QR code to access project data and documentation easily.

Utilize the integrated messaging feature to report:
  • defects
  • inspection results


Today's smartphones are professional communication devices with many sensors on board. Utilize smartphones and their built-in sensors for quick and easy acquisition of real-time data.

Video / audio
Operating status

Track your service teams

Get alerts as soon as your service teams leave or arrive at certain locations.

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Interaktive Pläne

Mit einem Klick erhalten Sie schnellen Zugriff auf alle:
  • Daten
  • Zeichnungen
  • Spezifikationen
  • Schadensmeldungen
  • Handbücher
  • Serviceereignisse
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Smart IDs

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